Technical features:


1. Door made of double steel sheet 20/10 (internal) and 15/10 (external) thick;

2. Steel omega made of bent steel sheet 15/10 thick reinforcement between internal and external sheet;

3. Double horizontal closing diverter;

4. Hinges with electrically welded anti-thread ball bearings between frame and leaf;

5. Fixed rostri;

6. Frame with 20/10 galvanized tubulars suitably coupled;

7. Peephole;

8. Perimeter fairing for internal panel fastening;

9. Panel in solid wood or dyed / pantographed okoume;

10. Double stop gasket;

11. Glass wool insulation;

12. Adjustable lower draft excluder;


Solid Wood:

To the most prestigious family of the coatings collection belong panels entirely made of solid wood with oak, cherry, chestnut and walnut essences.


Uprights, crosspieces and sinkers are made of solid wood of the declared essence.


The bosses are made of solid wood made up of boards joined with approved vinyl glue and subsequently carved by hand.


Pantographed: Precious panels consisting of layers of wood arranged in parallel fibers in okoumé, yellowpine, oak, tanganica, canoewood, cherry, mahogany, beech, MDF or water repellent MDF.

Painting - Lacquering:

Multilayer: the coating panel, previously subjected to uniform painting, is painted with water-based paints compatible with the environment and 4 times more resistant than traditional paints.

Mdf - water repellent Mdf: the panel is lacquered with water-based paint.


Home security begins with the presence of a security door that is sturdy, but also need to have an anti-burglary lock up to the standars of its solid structure. The locks proposed for our doors are at very high performance and functional to customer needs.

The variants are represented by the classic mechanical locks or the most innovative electronic.

The last type in particular, allows opening not through a real key, but with electronic cards, remote controls or electronic keys that unlock the door when you approach it.

In more advanced versions, the electronic lock can also be equipped with an alpha / numeric keypad where you can type in your personal code.


Security door - 1 door

Security door – 2 Asymmetric Doors

Security door - with 2 symmetrical doors

Security door - with several doors

Security door - Disappearing sliding door

Securityanta door - Arched


Security Door

Ideal solution to make your home safer, our doors are unique design elements that can adapt to the style and architecture of the environments in which they fit.


Quality-Design-Safety are essential requisites of our doors.

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