Technical features:


Thermal cut:

With extremely robust profiles able to obtain safety performance that can not be achieved with materials such as aluminum, wood or PVC, and at the same time strictly comply with the strictest energy saving regulations.

With these frames you can build large glazed surfaces (fixed and openable) building homes, work or recreational spaces at innovative and low energy impact, in order to respect the planet.


Non thermal cut (Cold):

With "cold" profiles that, combined with suitable glass cabinets, allow to meet the regulations on energy saving, but containing costs compared to a thermal cut in stainless steel (top in the stainless steel range). Other features are: safety, elegance, reduced visual encumbrance and exceptional durability.

Suitable for energy efficiency projects, with great structural qualities, the steel frame can also accommodate a double glazing for impressive thermal and acoustic knockdowns, as well as armored glass, anti-armor, bulletproof or any other type of glass.

Our frames in stainless steel, are completely welded (with TIG process), cleaned and resatinated in the corners, to guarantee:


- Increased security

- Extremely high mechanical resistance

- Extreme ease of cleaning

- Resistance to atmospheric agents

- Long-term assembly



Our steel systems are not squared but worked exclusively by the welding process; in this way we can provide not only perfect frames, but also safer and with unparalleled features. The steel frames respect, in fact, such resistance classes, to be defined as armored.

The hardness and solidity of the steel profiles, allows to create extremely strong, fully welded structures that over the years do not undergo any breakdown or breakage.

Such a structure can accommodate large shatterproof or bulletproof glass suitable for safe environments.


It is aesthetically refined and elegant, it is also innovative and is used in projects of passive houses and sustainable construction. It can be painted or, if made in the Stainless or Corten versions left in the natural version (polished or satin) allowing at the same time to have a resistant surface with great decorating effect.

Steel has a 4 times lower conductivity than aluminum, which is why it qualifies as a building material for frames.

The steel combined with the thermal cut forms a winning pair capable of satisfying the most stringent energy standards.

Respect for the environment:

Steel is totally recyclable, even today the most recycled, and titled as a green material. Choosing a steel frame means reducing energy waste, reducing waste up to almost break it down, and it does not release toxic substances.

The steel window is for those who love the environment.


- Sliding lift

- Fixed

- Vasistass

- Large sliding openings

- Hinged door with or without flap

- Balance






Steel Frames

The search for constructive excellence is not limited to processing but to the use of the best materials. Steel, thanks to its intrinsic properties of strength and resistance, allows to create thin profiles but able to guarantee the maximum structural and design values. In painted steel, stainless steel, corten steel and architectural bronze to adapt to any customer requirement.


Precious materials and innovative technologies for the latest generation of frames.

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