Technical features:


1 - Fixed frame

2 - Mobile frame

3 - Glass stopper available in various sizes depending on the thickness of the glass

4 - Insulating glass with 1 interspace (double glazing) or 2 interspaces (triple glazing)

5 - EPDM glass straps

6 - Thermal rods in polyamide 6.6 reinforced with 25% glass fiber

7 - Central seal "Open joint"

8 - EPDM internal stop gasket

9 - Insulating inserts for reducing the dispersion

10 - Insulating under-glass gasket

or Frame made of extruded aluminum alloy profiles (cold or thermal cut);

or Door made with extruded aluminum alloy profiles (cold or thermal cut);

or Standard lever rod;

or Handle and accessories in matching color;

or Glass room.


Energy saving:

SerrBlind aluminum frame is an excellent thermal insulator allowing high insulation between the outside and the inside of the building envelope. The result is a considerable reduction in energy consumption due to heating or air-conditioning systems.

Silent technology:

SerrBlind aluminum frame constitutes, by its nature, an important protection against noise pollution coming from outside. If we also consider that the gaskets attenuate the vibrations of the glass and that the multi-chamber profile breaks down further, and substantially, the intensity of the sound waves, it results in a practically high insulating effect.

Air passage control:

For the constructive system of the frame and the presence of suitably positioned gaskets, the SerrBlind aluminum frame does not allow the penetration of drafts from inside the environment.

Reduced maintenance:

For aluminum frames, maintenance is reduced to simple periodic cleaning.



Aluminum Frames

Aluminum is ideal for those who want a practical and high quality window with thermal characteristics suitable for the climate zone of belonging. Combined with thermal insulation glass, they are the ideal solution to ensure the right comfort for the rooms both in cold and warm periods.

Aluminum lends itself well to any aesthetic need, since it can be anodized, oxidized or painted with powder painting techniques or sublimation paint. In addition to a wide selection of colors, various finishes such as the "wood effect" can be created, which tend to recreate an aesthetic similar to that of wood.

However, aluminum, like all metals, is a natural conductor, and this latter property, if not properly corrected, may not make the fixtures in the thermo-acoustic insulation very efficient.


To avoid this problem and ensure good insulation performance, the aluminum frames are produced with the "thermal cutting" technique which involves inserting strips of low thermal conductivity materials into the air chambers of the profiles, interrupting the continuity of the metal and thus isolating the window from thermal losses.

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