Efficiency over time:

SerrBlind PVC frame has two fundamental prerogatives for the long life of the product: aseptic and insensitive to atmospheric agents. Moreover, due to its homogeneous composition requires only a simple cleaning with aqueous solutions of soaps or detergents.

Thermal insulation:

SerrBlind PVC frame allows a high thermal insulation and less heat or conditioning dispersion.


High acoustic insulation even when the external environment is very noisy.

Flame-retardant and toxic-free material:

The fact that PVC itself contains 57% of chlorine in its structure, makes it by nature a fireproof polymer. The presence of chlorine, a highly flame-retardant substance, greatly improves the fire behavior of a SerrBlind PVC frame, able to slow down the spread of the flame. Furthermore, unlike other plastic materials, PVC is a self-extinguishing material, as such, it does not contribute to fuel the flame.

Ecology and Environment:

PVC does not pollute the environment and is completely recyclable.

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PVC Frames

A value that lasts over time: our PVC windows and doors have all the requisites to satisfy every need in terms of functionality, fittings and design. The excellent quality-price ratio, the ease of opening and use and a reduced need for maintenance make PVC frames one of the best solutions for your home.


SerrBlind PVC windows and doors are specially designed and built to meet all needs in terms of design and functionality, and offer a wide range of classic and modern finishes or wood effects that have a remarkable aesthetic result.

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