Perfect mix between industrial strategy and planning, advanced technology and handcrafted craftsmanship, virtuous integration between the latest generation of equipment and the know-how inherent in the tradition of the door, the production is completely realized within the 1500 sqm business. Starting from the trimming to get to the paintwork, every production phase is thoroughly explored with excellence and flexibility, features that enable the realization of frames of all sizes and geometries: a tailor-made production.



The technical office is at your disposal to support you in the design and construction of the interior and exterior door that you desire, providing you with the necessary information on energy, acoustic performance, choice of materials and finishes, as well as the various possibilities of technical achievements available. Along with you, we study the best technical and aesthetic solutions of the windows to integrate into the design of your home, customizing them according to your needs:


• Particular features required for thermal and / or acoustic insulation

• New designs, new exterior customizations and prototypes created to meet your needs

• Custom colors and finishes


Even the best window is worth little if mounted badly and this is why SerrBlind products are only assembled by well-qualified and carefully selected staff. Only a proper mounting allows the hardware to keep all its performance unaltered over time:


• Thermal and acoustic insulation

• Air and water tightness

• Load distribution on hardware


Guarantee over time. A central role is assigned by SerrBlind to after-sales assistance, where professional reliability and the ability to make quick interventions are one of our added value to the customer. You can contact the company at any time even in the years following the product warranty, in order to have an immediate and competent answer to all the issues.


The new 2017 Stability Law extended the possibility of tax deduction for energy-saving building interventions. It is possible to deduct the replacement of the fixtures to provide greater comfort and thermal improvement with a decrease in the dispersion, this saving is evident with the replacement of energy-saving cut-off fixtures.

What are the conditions to take advantage of the deduction:


In order to benefit from tax breaks, certain conditions must be met:


• replacement of fixtures must relate to existing buildings, costs incurred for buildings still in progress can not be deducted; in this case, 50% tax deduction for building renovation may be incurred;

• the size of the new fixtures should not be varied; the discharge must correspond to the size of the new ones;

• replacing existing fixtures should increase the level of energy efficiency with a total thermal improvement of the home;

• fixtures should delimit the heated volume;

• new fixtures must comply with the requirements for transmittance defined by the Decree of 26 January 2010.


It is also possible to deduct the costs of replacing the entrance doors provided that they meet the same transmission requirements required for the replacement of the fixtures.


Included in the tax deduction, also the expenses incurred for all accessory structures to the fixtures: dark, shutters, bins with rolling shutters embedded in the window.





The percentage of deduction of expenses incurred for the replacement of fixtures is 65% for the expenses incurred up to 31 December 2017 for each real estate unit. The amount of the deduction is to be divided into ten annual installments equal to a maximum amount of 60,000 euros. With reference to the cumulability of the deductions, the 65% deduction can not be combined with other tax breaks.






All resident and non-resident taxpayers, even if they own business income, who have, in any event, the immovable property, can benefit from the deduction. In particular, they are eligible for the allowance:

• natural persons, including artisans and professions;

• taxpayers who earn business income (natural persons, corporations people, capital companies);

• professional associations;

• public and private bodies that do not carry out business activities.


Replacement of fixtures and deduction

Who can benefit from tax deduction

For more information you can download the Revenue Agency Guide here:

Guide to tax breaks for energy saving


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