Our company

SerrBlind was born as a small artisanal real estate in January 1998 in Melito (Na), from  the passion and consolidated experience of the founder Vincenzo Cimmino. Driven by the aim of creating high-quality windows, and thanks to the success achieved on the market in 2009, the company evolves into a modern plant of 1500 square meters located in Giugliano in Campania (Na). History of passion and skills, today the name SerrBlind, is an important signature in the field: a signature capable of interpreting the evolution of tastes, technologies and habits of living. Thanks to a deep-rooted project culture, inspired by the demands of an ever-growing client, SerrBlind aims to offer innovative, original and functional solutions. This is how a company is created to produce exterior and interior quality doors, extremely curated in design and made in a wide range of models. In our hardware lives history, philosophy and our constant commitment to those who build, design and decorate. The approach to each project is Client oriented: we are able to respond to any specific request by providing consulting, design and assistance.

The will of continuous improvement

1500 sqm

of which

800 inside

The continued pursuit of technology and innovation


at hand

The passion for quality and the desire for continuous improvement drives us to make constant investments in state-of-the-art technologies in order to find design solutions in line with market trends and current aesthetic criteria. Each department operates with a highly qualified staff, constantly involved in training projects, to be the driving force behind innovation within the company.

Environmental sustainability

SerrBlind is sensitive to the issue of environmental protection, and therefore makes production choices based on eco-sustainabilitystarting from the selection of non-harmful materials. The approach to the world around us, for SerrBlind, is of respect and attention, because the environment is a precious asset, and our goal is to work with the utmost effort to improve the quality of life of all.

The care of every detail

We follow our customers at all stages of the work, from the design of the production spaces to the final installation.


In a space of 200 square meters, SerrBlind has an exhibition area that welcomes designers and responds to the latest market demands with: fixtures, profiles, armored doors and other examples of workmanship.


Contrada Palmentiello 70, 80014 - Giugliano (NA)


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SDI code: BA6ET11

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